Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Strawberry Harvest

With the mud still on 
This year our allotment has really kicked into gear. I'm not sure why to be honest. it's as weedy as ever and I've been slacking on my propagating.Allotment/Clare relations have actually been pretty bad in general. I feel like I don't do enough on it. I feel like it needs too much doing on it. I feel like I'm just not a good gardener. Of course this means I'm less enthusiastic, feel like I have to be dragged there, don't do as much as I should and the cycle continues.

In a jar 

So I feel like these strawberries appeared despite my effort rather than because of my effort. Our first bowl, pictured in post allotment bliss, weighed 1kg and since then we've got another similar amount. The first lot I made into a lower sugar, barely set strawberry jam ready to fuel cakes and biscuits.

In the freezer

Our second harvest I froze up for pies and smoothies. It's probably not going to last me all year but it will do for a start. There is something satisfying about stocking my cupboards and freezer with home grown goodies but don't worry, it didn't stop me from sampling some on the way to the chopping board.

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