Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tutorial: How I Got This Hole Were My Heart Used To Be

So I got the idea for this tutorial at Guide camp when one of my Guides, given a bunch of fabric paints and a t-shirt did this exact thing. It looked so great I had to copy. Forgive me. It's just that they are better at this creativity thing than me.

Skill Level: Splattering paint, using an iron
Time Taken: Fifteen minutes, plus drying time

  • A t-shirt that fits
  • coordinating fabric paint ( I use the dylon stuff) 
  • an old but still flexible brush
  • Freezer paper and an iron. Or if you can't get the magic American freezer paper that irons on look for something that lies flush with the fabric, weight it down and be careful. We used craft foam on camp.
  • Newspaper, to prevent mess

Let's Do This Thing!

First draw and cut out your shape. It's going to be a negative image so something simple and bold works best. 

Iron on your negative, lay the t-shirt on newspaper with a couple of sheets of paper separating front and back. This will (hopefully) stop paint from getting where you don't want it. 

Begin splashing colour over your negative.

Layer on all your colours, splattering them all down. More is more here. More spats create a better image. Let the paint dry. It may take longer than normal because of the size of the splashes. When it's dry remove your shape and set the paint, if you need to, by following the manufacturers instructions. 


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