Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Sock Report

A little over a year ago I declared my intention to knit seven pairs of basic socks using the Houdini Sock construction. Why? Well I wanted enough awsome fitting hand knit to last a week (after which point I wash them, obviously) to keep my feet toasty warm in winter.

But ever since I knit that first pair I became a hand knit sock convert. I wear them all year round. I wear them camping to keep me cool by keeping the sweat off my feet, I wear them in winter to bundle up, I wear them when cleaning out the penguins to keep me warm even when the hose pipe inevitably drenches my feet. They keep me cool, they keep me hot and they keep me comfortable when wet. So my goal of seven pairs of socks became an urgent one.

So here they are, pair number seven in Bergère de France Goomy 50. I wasn't impressed with the yarn, my general rule in sock knitting is go German or go home and this didn't change my mind. Not enough twist,  too many broken ends. Still they keep me warm, or cool, or feeling dry. Whatever I need.

I'm not ending my sock adventure there though. Remember the mini skeins I bought at Fibre East? They look like this now:

I used the Sweet Tomato Heel for these and I totally consider The Knitting Goddess an exception to my German sock yarns only rule.

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