Monday, 1 September 2014

Vegan Mofo Day 1: Receiving And Giving

It's Vegan Mofo again and I'm starting with a lovely pie that I made at the end of last Mofo; the Pear Frangipane tart from Vegan Pies In The Sky.

Our friend with the pear tree came through again and offered us a bag of pears along with the heavy hint that she would love it if another one of those tarts turned up. So who was I to resist? I made some pastry, mixed up the frangipane, sliced up the pears and sent the tart back with Stephen. Like the first one it was very well received and I received some gracious thank you emails. Along with the leftover pears. Sometimes it's nice to be known as the crazy cook in your group.

I'd no idea what to do with the leftover pears. I'm not the biggest fan of eating them raw, though I don't mind cooking them. They were just taking up room in my fruit bowl until last night when I decided to embrace the insomnia and stay up knitting, bright and painfully perky, until 2am. I finished my socks watching Sweets Made Simple and as I arrived grumpily into the next morning I couldn't resist making up the Pear And Ginger Coins. 

And... well, can I just say woof? These things pack a seriously gingery punch with plenty of sweetness and a little tart zing coming out to play at the end. They would be wonderful to warm you up on an autumnal walk. On a muggy, overcast summer day here in the English Riviera they work just as well, bringing a massive smile to my face. One of ginger, pears and community.


  1. Those coins sound gorgeous! I love the autumnal taste of pears!

  2. Those sound really lovely and perfect for the whether we're having right now! Also the tart looks beautiful!
    -Caitlin at The Vegan Word

  3. Pear and ginger coins? That sounds almost too good to be true, thanks for sharing the link :-)