Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 16: Supper on The Beach

It's coming to my attention that summer is nearly over. IT's getting harder and harder to chuck myself into the sea for my weekly swim. Sometimes I find myself closing windows or putting on a jacket. The tourists are mostly gone. The kids are back at school. It's getting dark at eight! I wanted to do something summery before it was too late so I bought myself a packet of these:

Taifun sausages just taste like summer and nostalgia to me. We also had lemonade, rolls, barbeque sauce and crisps. It was a hastily put together picnic and I threw it all in my bag and went to pick Stephen up from work. We found a spot on the steps by the beach and lit up the gas.

Stephen was worried because barbeques aren't allowed on this beach but I maintain that this is not a barbeque, it's a gas cooker. And I'm happy to repeat that line to any members of the constabulary that come knocking.

What is there left to do after your thrown together supper, cooked on the beach? Well if you look carefully you can see that dot in the sea there is actually me.

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