Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Vegan Mofo Day 17/I Bought a Book: Keep It Vegan

Rules are made to be broken. It turns out they are especially made to be broken when they are rules about buying cookbooks. I had said to myself that I would buy no more general, basic, 'this is what a vegan is' cookbooks.

Well unless it was written by someone awsome, or it had a really good recommendation from people I trust, or lists things in the ingredients like '400g can of...'

And it was that last one that lead to me buying this because as much as I love my American cookbooks it's amazing to read something where the author shops in the same units of measurement that you do.

Aside from the metric there is plenty of shelf appeal. This is a bright, cheerful, relaxed book full of lovely pictures. The recipes a simple but yummy looking. And yes there was one mention of detox but I just pulled a face and moved on to the recipes...

Yep, that's my lunch from last week. And in there is Sweet Potato and Spinach Sushi. Pretty yummy, I didn't opt to do any inside out rolls because I could barely get a right side in roll working that morning. Made a nice lunch dish.

Then I went for the Breakfast Brownie with a Strawberry Bottom. I'm afraid I didn't like this one. wasn't really sugary enough, the portion was huge, it was dry. In the tip bubble it says you can top with more almond milk or agave. I think you really, really need to.

But I didn't let that put me off breakfast. I turned instead to the Breakfast Burrito which turned into a breakfast taco because I only had small corn tortillas rather than the giant ones I like for a well stuffed Burrito. They were delicious though. And I have leftovers. How dangerous.

I'd recommend giving this one a flip through, especially if you are in the UK. There are some good, simple recipes in here, see if anything makes your mouth water.

Keep it Vegan: 100 simple, healthy & delicious dishes


  1. Oooh I keep looking at this book but I'm trying not to buy cookbooks at all! It looks fab!

  2. Ooo, this is great as I also shop in grams nowadays! Haven't heard of this one yet!

    Nicole @ Vegan Nom Noms