Wednesday, 15 April 2015

It's A Post About Pants

Due to a startling collection of coincidences I seem to have become obsessed with making knickers. Or perhaps it was an impulse purchase and some enabling by Stephen (who likes it when I make things and loves it when I make odd things) We found one of The Flo-Jo Knicker making kits (go buy one!) at Social Fabric in Totnes and had to bring it home.

The kit comes with a pattern, multi-sized for different sized bottoms, instructions and enough fabric and elastic for one pair of knickers. I should also point out that it came with ribbon for a bow but I'm really not into that so I left it off. It's actually shockingly easy to make a pair of knickers, especially with the kit. The only problem I had is that you really need to stretch the elastic as you sew it down. I went a bit too easy on my first pair. 

Knickers only take about half a meter of fabric and two meters of elastic and they only take a couple hours so I thought it was an experiment worth repeating. I have offcuts that size and old t shirts to cut into gussets so why not. I went back to social fabric for some pretty elastic and went stash diving. 

By my second pair I'd overcome my shyness with the elastic and went for it. I love the contrast of the white elastic and black fabric as well as the unexpected playfulness of the butterfly pattern.

My third pair where a bit more floral and I'm gslad I finally found a use for this offcut because it;s really pretty but not my usual cup of tea at all. I really could keep on making knickers all day (and talking about them) but unfortunately at that point I ran out of elastic. Looks like we need to take another trip to Totnes. 

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