Monday, 20 April 2015

Stops Along The Odyssey Trail...

Awesome indie dyer Countess Ablaze is spending a year dying yarns inspired by The Odyssey and I'm utterly enchanted. Updates are at the end of the month and while I dutifully knit along on my project out of march's selection I thought I'd show off my socks from January and February.

That bottom ball is from January and has the stunning name of Death Was Quick And Marriage A Painful Matter. The base (the base of both yarns in fact) is a lovely merino, nylon, mohair mix. It has great definition and, after a good wash, a lovely halo. I loved the rapid colour changes and decided to pair it with the Top Down Strie pattern from Sock Architecture to see what fabulous chaos the purl bumps could bring about. I think these might be my favorite socks right now.

February's ball wonder is the equally stunningly named I Follow The Wide Fame Of My Father and has wonderful tones of berry reds, juicy purples and charcoal black. Pleased with the stitch definition the mohair brings to the table I thought I'd try some cables. As both of the cabley sock patterns I had my eyes on were by Louise Tilbrook I tossed a coin and cast on the Beltane Socks. And without bragging too much I think I can say my instincts were correct. The definition of the yarn made sure the cables didn't get lost I the variegation. Probably my second favorite sock right now, though they are getting a bit warm for the time of year.

As for Marche's update? Well like I said at the top I'm still working on that one. It's a little bigger than some socks but here is a preview of the fabulous colours:

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