Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A pic-i-nic!

Saturday lunch was eaten in Ramsbottom with Stephen and my brother. We had gone up on the steam train and needed something vegetarian that fit into our odd food requirements.

I learned a number of lessons from this lunch.
  1. If you pack a sandwich with bananas it tastes like banana.
  2. If you use a cookie cutter to make a manwich you will impress everyone but your mother
  3. That yoghurt really didn't go everywhere.
  4. Even I can't eat that many strawberries in one sitting.
  5. Stephen can still fit a bag of fudge in though.
Just a small note on the strawberries. They where sent up first class by Stephens parents. Gown in their own back yard. They are lovely, the strawberries and the parents. Thanks!

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