Saturday, 27 June 2009

Beans and Rice

Today we made a visit to the Chinese shop. They didn't actually have what I went in for but they did have a nice bag of glutinous rice.

Stephen thinks that is a horrible name. He reasons that things are either gloopy or full of gluten when they are called glutinous. As it has no gluten it must be gloopy and that doesn't sound worth eating.

It is though. It's has a rich, wholesome texture. It fills you up even with the smallest quantity. Definitely perfect for summer eating.

Being summer I topped it with Stir-fried Broad Beans with Ginger from Madhur Jafferey's World Vegetarian. I reduced the amount of beans to suit my tummy but kept the sauce the same.

It was a very tasty way to eat summer. Now if only we could get some rain before the plants start a mutiny.

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