Friday, 26 February 2010

Garden stuff

A £1 bag of crocus bulbs, looking smashing in spring. And there is other exciting gardening news too although, I admit, I'm being more than a little Devon-centric here.

Tomorrow is the 4th annual Totnes Seedy Saturday. Being in one of our favorite towns and having seeds. Well how could we miss it? I've packaged up all of our leftovers. We're taking cauliflower, mint, chives, swede, marigold, nasturtiums, sun flowers, and dwarf French beans.

And speaking of some of our favourite places in Devon Riverford will be offering boxes to grow this spring. We're looking at the the small veg one. Although most of the balcony is already mapped out for this year and we'll probably end up with more seeds tomorrow but what can it hurt?

Unless the balcony collapses.

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