Monday, 1 March 2010

A little mix up

First some more garden news. Today the new, relaunched Dig in site is up and running. This year they are giving away French beans, salad leaves, carrots, courgettes and basil. There is also a new 'plan your space' section which isn't ground breaking but isn't bad either.

Next up is my unbeatable craving for anything salty, saucy and fatty right now. So for a snack I fried some brilliantly flavoured Dry Masala Mixed Nuts from Cooking Like Mummyji. Nice but I could never, ever eat that many peanuts. But the jar I decanted my peanuts into was already full. I opened the bag the night before to make...

A classic that I don't think I've cooked since I first bought Vegan with a Vengeance; the Brooklyn Pad Thai.

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