Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Pudding Party

Question: What do you get if you combine double cream, clotted cream, milk, butter, eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa, ginger, and chocolate with a few good friends? Answer: A Pudding Party.

Clare and I have decided to be more social, but to do it in our own quirky way. We made a selection of puddings (and biscuits), and our friends brought some more. Tom brought a chocolate fountain which really stole the show — just about everything else was dipped into it, including one of my cheddar and gram flour biscuits (apparently not a successful combination). Partway through the evening my brown bread ice cream made a showing (this time with demerara sugar rather than soft brown sugar), and went down well.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos until half the guests had left. Pictured above:

Top left (left to right): Matt, Clare, Beth, and Jessica
Top right: Clare’s gingerbread cookies
Bottom left: My miniature scones
Bottom right: Jessica’s and Matt’s meringues

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