Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fairtrade Fortnight: Fair Beans

A couple of weeks I go I got a craving for baked beans. I generally only have beans on camp or as part of a breakfast so I really have no idea when I bought and cooked baked beans last. I'd seen a couple of organic brands and figured I'd try one of those out rather than the traditional Heinz. Looking on the shelves I was pleased to find these Fairtrade beans from Geo Organics. They are about 30p more expensive than your Heinz and around 60p more than your basic but we're happy to (and lucky to be able to) spend a bit more for Fairtrade beans.

Well, that is, if they taste nice! The beans themselves are a little larger which I think looks better on the plate. The beans where crammed into the can and the sauce was thick. No watering down going on here. And they did taste lovely. They weren't overly sweet like some baked beans can be, just a good basic tomato sauce with some pretty beans in. I split the can in two, my first half I had on a jacket spud, the second for a fry up.

And I'm very happy to hear, from this Waitrose press release, that sales of the Fairtrade Geo Organics beans are up. Rock on!

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