Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Eating Out in Torquay, One World Cafe

There are many things I hate about Torquay in season. People who go out for a nice day at the beach and leave all their rubbish behind because their enjoyment is the only thing that matters. Or people who set up a BBQ, complete with copious cans of Strongbow, so it blocks the entire path through a public garden. Or people who... okay so I think we've grasped that rude sun seekers annoy me let's bring the positivity back into this post... but the thing I love about the season is that some of our favourite places come out of hibernation. Take the One World Cafe, a decidedly cute cafe nestled in Abbey Gardens that does the best sandwiches in Torbay. 

Look down as you next walk through Abbey Gardens or you might miss one of the best cafes in Torquay!
And there is a lot we love about the place the international outlook, the quirky feel, the cute handicrafts for sale, the bookcrossing zone. Also food!

The One World Cafe serves breakfast but we prefer to either head out for a cake and drink or lunch. Especially lunch. There is a brie sandwich there with my name written all over it and Stephen and I love, and I mean love, the fantastic taste of their wedges. The cakes and hot chocolate have also met with approval.

Wedges served on this cute little platter for all your dipping delights
There menu is a little confusing at first glance. The cover is lovely but the contents seem to be all over the place and overdone with clip art. Although having become a repeat customer I'm starting to find the thrown together look of it kind of cute it's not the easiest thing to navigate. 

The food and drinks have an international flavour while taking advantage of the fabulous local produce. The themed sandwiches are great, the sharing platters sound fabulous (maybe I can talk Stephen into the veggie one if he is in an adventurous mood) and the smoothies and hot chocolate are incredible. Stephen says great things about the milkshakes too. 

Although they do have a children's section in the menu the atmosphere is chilled and grown up. I'd be hesitant to take anyone who isn't old enough to eat off the adult menu for anything more than a quick ice cream.

It's not the ethical cola that shocks me, it's the camera in my face.
One thing I do appreciate about the menu is the commitment to their ethics. One page explains exactly why they don't serve coke at all. I gave up drinking coke at Christmas because I was using the caffeine and sugar to get through the day creating a vicious circle of epic proportions and happy-hyper/slow-sad mood cycles. Not to mention it's not really a company that I want to support. 

An icy cola is fabulous on hot days like these especially with the hay-fever scratching at the back of my throat so I'm absolutely delighted that I can get Ubuntu Cola at One World. It's just a fabulous place.

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