Saturday, 7 May 2011

Springtime Spinach

I love spinach and have been growing it on the balcony since I started. I grow spinach beet. It's easier and more tolerant of our high temperatures. I like to think it's maritime ancestry makes it feel more at home. But this year I've diversified slightly. Along with a large patch of spinach beet underneath one of our passion flowers I've also put in some true spinach.

Gorgeous Greens

It was an accident (as in a real accident not 'I accidentally went shopping') really, a pack of Unwins Gro-sure   came in a copy of Gardener's world magazine. They promised to be easy to germinate and slow to bolt so I threw them in. They where easy to germinate however the luminous pink coating on the seeds (wash your hands after handling) was a little creepy...
You can still make out the scary pink seed casing

I've been harvesting leaves here and there for salads but today was my first harvest of any real quantity. I picked both varieties but I had more beet, It was sown earlier in the year and I had more seeds. Of course with spinach you don't really get to eat what you pick, introduced to a pan it and it quickly wilts away. Tastes brilliant though.
A harvest.
I didn't make anything ground breaking with it. Or anything I haven't cooked before. Or anything I haven't blogged about before. Or anything I haven't blogged about growing the ingredients for beforeSpinach and  Cilantro Grilled Tortillas. Doesn't matter how many times I cook it, I still look forward to it.

The dish

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