Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Old Ways Revisited

Regular readers will not notice anything new in this post. Various combinations of the food can be found all over the bloody place.

The menu?

Spinach and Cilantro Coriander Grilled Tortillas
Freshly Picked Salad with Sesame Dressing
and Home Fries
with Salsa

But there is something different. The tortilla wasn't hand made and neither was the coriander powder but the fresh coriander and the spinach (spinach beet, that is) came from the balcony.

The Sesame Dressing was mixed from the Veganomicon recipe and the salad leaves (the mixed orientals, wild rocket and some salad bowl lettuce) came straight from the balcony.

Okay so I didn't grow anything in the home fries (but based on box contents I replaced the green pepper with yellow) and the salsa was sent home with me on the Guide holiday as it was too spicy for everyone else. Anyway. It's a start. A small start but I'm feeling all warm inside anyway.

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