Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lovely Leftovers

Perhaps it's because I was cooking up some bubble and squeak or perhaps it was just the big pile of fabric stopping us fem getting from one side of the floor to the other but I sat down and cobbled a few things together from my leftover skull and stripe fabric.
Handbag takes a trip to Exeter

With the bulk of it I was able to put together a Library Tote from The Crafter's Companion. I made one of these when I first started sewing and, although I loved it to death, I made a lot of beginner mistakes with it. Starting with the fabric choice, I used a stretch so the bag strap came out more like a bungee cord. So it's interesting to make again now I can cut in a straight line. Although if I make it again in a few year's time I'm sure it will be much better. It's a great bag for taking on a shopping trip. You can fit your purse and keys in the front pocket as well as your umbrella, sunglasses (that's the South West for you!), reusable bags, kindle and a small project in the main section.
Lilly is a Pirate Tiger, but she doesn't know what that 'W' is for

The second piece was a request. My Dad wanted a doggie bandanna for his dog/canoeing companion Watson to wear. So I hemmed a square of fabric. Then, when I was feeling a little more adventurous I drafted a little 'W' based on the text on the front of Appetite for Reduction. See the 'W' in Moskowitz? It's being modelled by Lilly, a tiger acquired on our last trip to Paignton Zoo. We won't get to see Watson in it until he goes on holiday with us this summer.
Aww, skull hugs!
The last one was a scrappy little brooch inspired by one of the projects in Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means. I picked up the design in some blood red embroidery thread and stuffed it raggedly to make a cuddly punk brooch.

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