Friday, 14 October 2011

Free Friday: More Seitan

My cold is progressing nicely, I feel like someone pored cement into my ear and I'm tilting my head to the left because otherwise I feel dizzy but I can now mostly breath through my nose so I think I'm getting over it. Luckily I have good food to comfort me.

Actually I mad this one last week as a treat for myself as Stephen was out with people from work. I needed spicy, I needed filling and I needed to ply around with my new love: seitan. So I turned to the book that stated it all and made the Jerk Seitan from Vegan with a Vengeance
It's nice to eat a huge portion of spicy food when nobody is around to judge you...
Served with white rice and grilled corn it was wonderful and delicious and I ate the caramelized sauce off the bottom of the pan... of course I didn't... I'm way more dignified than that.

(no I'm not)

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  1. Oh no! You are sickie-poo; how un-fun :( I hope you feel better! I'm sure that meal helped out, not to mention the caramelized sauce. Shoot girl, I would have been right there with you--that's the best part! Except I would have licked that pan :)