Thursday, 13 February 2014

Adding Events - Ravellenics 2014

This was intended to be more of a whinge than a weekly update but I spent far too long in the doctors office to post yesterday so we'll call it a weekly update.

As an aside- I have a fairly minor injury that makes it painful to sit. I wasn't going to mention it to the doctor but sitting for over an hour waiting for my appointment exacerbated it so much that I had to. Thankfully it's just a rest and paracetamol deal but how you rest your arse I don't know... anyway, really off topic.

Where was I? Well at the start of the Ravellenics it was just slip up after slip up. I frogged all the way back to the start three times and just before my Stephen phoned to tell me about Jenny Jones earning GB's first medal on snow I realised I needed to rip it out again.

Oh yeah, looking good with my needles hanging out

There was crying, balls where thrown at walls but the last cast on seemed blessed and I've raced through it. I've cast off the bottom section and I'm now working on the right sleeve. Hence my smug look above. The panic though is that I've run out of project. As next week is half term I have even more time to knit so it's time to add a couple more events.

This is the face I make over this project when I'm not in tears.

I have some rainbow yarn coming for the The Rainbowllenics Parade (seriously, screw any country with homophobic laws) but before that gets here I have something for the Arial Unwind. My Abundance Vest. It fit like a glove when I finished it but one trip in the washing machine (and, yes, I did wash my swatch. Thanks for asking.) and you could fit two of me in there now. I want to rip this apart and knit another vest, this time with a better idea of the growth potential.

So one week down and I'm 95% done on my first project and have added two more to keep the pressure up.

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