Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Adventures In Supermarkets: ASDA 18 Piece Party Package

I loved the idea of the V-Bites Party Pack because it makes it easy for everyone to cater for vegetarians at their Christmas knees-up. Even if they can't cook vegetarian food they can heat some up and we can get fed. But what about the people who find V-Bites too esoteric? Well how about ASDA?

In here we have Thai Green Coconut Rice Balls, Patatas Bravas Fritters and Tex Mex Wedges with a Nacho Crumb. Unfortunately I don't think these are vegan. 

We invited some people round for craft night and solicited their opinion. Stephen, of course, found it all too spicy but the rest of us were happy to happy to polish off the bowl. The rice balls were the last to go but we fiercely loved both the Fritters and the Wedges. These flavourful, delicious, vegetable filled snacks will stop vegetarians (except Stephen) going hungry at any party. 

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